Want s'more fun?  Form a team, grab a costume (optional), and join us for a great day!

To join or form a team, just select an existing team or enter a new team name during registration.

2017 St. Louis Run! And Run! S'more Teams

Pedal the Cause

Wells Fargo

Big River Racing


Orange Theory Fitness Rock Hill

Washington University

Ladue High School

Webster University

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

ARC Restore S’more

Team Jam

The Teddy Grahams!

Brown & Crouppen

Hopkins Sisters

Road Warriors

Reed Read Right and Runners

Yum Yum

Happy Running Family

Foot Healers

Keep It Movin’

S’more Science

Ladue Middle School

The Philly Phund


John Bouroughs School

Dharma Run Squad

Chou and Chou S’more

RIOT Running Is our Therapy